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A special message for families

June 17, 2020

Dear Falcon Families,  
As I step away for the summer to try and find some reprieve from the business of the school year, I have a heaviness weighing on me. I am sure it is weighing on you as well. The status of our Nation and the divisiveness that is occurring both saddens and frightens me. Schools are a microcosm of what exists in the community, the joy and sorrow that children experience at home and in their neighborhood carries over into their school. I would be grossly negligent if I didn’t acknowledge a burden of fear, frustration and despair that is falling on Black children at a disproportionate rate.  
I cannot imagine what it is like to be a Black person and watch what is unfolding on the news each day and the senseless acts of violence playing out on television. Make no mistake this didn’t start with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or Ahmaud Arbery. Acts of racism exist everywhere and happen daily. I have worked in a variety of different environments, some vastly diverse, others with hardly any racial diversity. I have witnessed some well intending, and some not well intending staff, students and parents make Black and Brown students feel devalued at school and in the greater community.  
Over the last few years, a realization has become clear and that is to remain silent on racism is complacency. I cannot be complacent if I want our school to be the best for ALL learners. As a leader it would be malpractice to remain silent and stagnant when so many of my students are hurting. Therefore, the staff and I continue our learning and expand our mindsets every day through book studies, working with equity coaches, expanding literature and curriculum to include diverse authors and stories. This year we started a Junior Black Student Union and are continuing to grow this and learn from our students. We know we are past due in doing this work, and we need to do more to walk the talk of Black Lives Matter at FCJH!   
I am asking all families to be a partner in this work. Now more than ever we want to hear your ideas on how we can improve protocols and practices to make Fall Creek better for all families.  Lifting one up doesn’t mean pushing another down. We can all rise together.   
Stacey Swan  
Fall Creek Junior High
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