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FCJ Renovation

March 10, 2022

Renovation Update 3/10/2022:

The renovation work is well underway at Fall Creek Jr. High! Construction work began about 3 months ago, and they are making great progress. 10 classrooms and 2 bathrooms, minus some backordered items, have been completed. We’ve moved on to “Phase 2” of the project and are still on track with our project timeline. Students and staff have been amazing dealing with temporary classrooms and pivoting on a dime when needed. When renovation is complete in spring 2023, it will feel like a new campus!

The full-scale project will address finishes, furniture, casework and equipment, as well as provide a secure front entrance as in the other HSE buildings. The new "face" of Fall Creek Junior High will not only help the aesthetics and safety of the building, but improve connectivity and flow within the walls

In addition, we will receive new furniture and tools to create an environment that lends itself to the use of technology while promoting collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

During construction, we will continue to use Door 23 as our main entrance. Thank you for your patience with adapting to our new traffic flow for student drop-off and pick-up. Please help us in our efforts to be good neighbors to Fall Creek Elementary and adjoining businesses and neighborhoods. If ever you have questions, feel free to reach out to me or a member of the HSE Facilities Department to address any comments or concerns you may have.

Although the conditions have been challenging for all involved, I could not be more proud of the staff, students, and community in navigating all that has been thrown at us. I want to take this opportunity to thank you!


Stacey Swan


Dear Falcon Families:

As you may already be aware, our building will soon be undergoing an exciting renovation!

We have been working with district leaders, architects, and contractors to help bring to life what an updated and redesigned Fall Creek Junior High could become. The design phase is about to wrap, and next month construction will begin.

As you read below, I wanted to answer a few important questions you may have about this project:

Why do we need a remodel?

Fall Creek Junior High was originally constructed in 1993. Since then, it has served as a middle school, freshman campus, and now a junior high. The building has been well maintained, but after nearly 30 years it is starting to show its age. The proposed project will seek to provide a comprehensive renovation that will address finishes, casework, equipment, and ceilings throughout the building. In addition, FCJ will receive a 6,000 sq foot expansion to the front of the building. This will help create a secure front entrance and new office area as well as improving connectivity and flow through the building for students.

Throughout the rest of our building -- classrooms, restrooms, and hallways will receive updated finishes. These changes are intended to improve academic environment, foster collaboration, support our innovative work, and increase the visual appeal of the space. Below are several renderings of what Fall Creek will ultimately look like after the remodel.

What does this mean for you and your student?

As with any renovation, home or commercial, it can be daunting. This project will be taking place while the school is occupied, presenting other challenges. However, we are pleased to be working with Barton Coe Vilamaa and The Hagerman Group. Both teams have experience remodeling schools and know how best to mitigate disruption to the educational process.

The remodeling process will start in December, and is anticipated to be complete in February 2023. The project will take place through several phases. While a section of the building is being worked on, students will be taught in purposely designed temporary classrooms. This process has been used throughout the district on several other renovation projects. New Britton Elementary was recently renovated using this method and Fishers Junior High is currently under renovation using the same method. The temporary classrooms are designed to function as a normal classroom with similar features to minimize any impact to students and staff. Phase one of classroom renovation will start early in 2022 with more information to come.

Before the classroom renovations start, you will see changes to the outside of the building. Starting on December 13, 2021, you will notice construction fencing erected in the front parking lot. This fenced in area will house some of the construction team while they work on the new front office and entry way.

During construction, we will use Door 23 as our main entrance. Additionally, traffic flow during student drop-off and pick-up will be impacted. Attached you will see an image that shows the fence, new traffic pattern, and new entrance.

I understand this this is a lot of information to take in at once, so I will be sending out updates on the progress and any impact that may have on students and staff.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself or a member of the HSE Facilities Department, and we can address any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we go through this process together!


See below for a preview of what FCJ will look like when the renovation is complete

• New entrance
• View from above new office and main entrance
• Typical classroom
• Media center
• Art classrooms
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