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Daily School Procedures

Please reference the Student Handbook for all details related to school policies and procedures.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions with regard to our daily procedures. If you have questions, please feel free to call the office. 

School Day and Hours
The school hours are from 9:15a to 4:00p.
Please fill out the Permission to Walk form. 
Bell Schedules
Bus Riders
Due to our enrollment numbers and bus capacity, we will not be able to accommodate guest riders for the 2023-2024 school year. 
Early Dismissals
Any student leaving early will require a note or phone call from the parent. Upon picking up the child, a parent will need to show their drivers license to the office personnel. Student will scan out of the building using a QR code.
Late Arrivals
Students can enter the buildings without a parent. They will scan a QR code upon arrival and head to their class.
Medical and Dental Appointments
All absences for medical and dental appointments will require written verification from the doctor or dentist for the absence to be medically excused.
Reporting Absences
A parent may either call the 24-hour Fall Creek attendance line at 317-594-4398 preferably by 9:00a or email our attendance secretary, Dawn Pruett ( to report an absence. You may also use this method to report early dismissals or late arrivals. 
Any visitor will be required to press the call button and show ID in the camera to gain access into the office area for check-in. 
SafeVisitor background check will be required for anyone who plans to volunteer or have interaction with students, including family members of our students.
Background checks are good for three years at any school in the district. These background checks will cost $15.95. (Please note - this process could take 3 to 6 business days).  The background check is a National Screening process that includes SSN and address verification, and checks against the following:  National Criminal Database, National Sex Offender Registry, Statewide Criminal, County Criminal, and Federal Criminal Courts. This background check also includes the Arrest Alert program, which will notify HSE of all arrests for active visitors.