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Camp Tecumseh

Camp Tecumseh provides hands-on educational experiences that augment classroom learning with authentic opportunities. In addition, we seek to expose students to the impact of humans on nature with realistic scenarios involving water management and biodiversity.

Fall Creek Junior High 7th graders will attend Camp T based on their science teacher schedule.  
  • Session I October 3-5. (Jahn All Periods & Cappello Odd periods 3,5,7) 
  • Session II October 5-7  (Deatley-Kapp All Periods & Cappello Even periods 2,4,6) 
How to get your 7th grade child set-up for Tecumseh: 
1.  Complete Parent Permission form on Skyward Back to School Forms.
2.  Pay registration fee of $135 on eFunds. (Choose optional fees, Camp Tecumseh Registration). 
3. Consider being a Cabin Parent! We need volunteers and it's a lot of fun to be at camp with your child. 
4. Attend the parent meeting, August 16th at Meet The Teacher night. 
5. Order a Camp Tecumseh t-shirt!  Deadline to order is Aug 17! 

The Fall Creek Junior High teachers and staff have devoted many hours and a great deal of effort to make Camp Tecumseh a successful and memorable experience for our students. In addition to the hands-on learning experience though the science curriculum, the Camp Tecumseh experience is an interdisciplinary approach involving language arts, mathematics, the practical arts, physical education, and social studies. Plus, it's just simply a lot fun getting to know your classmates from the meals we share, the cabin discussions or the fun events that we have at the end of each day. 

Students unable to attend Camp Tecumseh will receive an individual work packet that involves many of the skills and concepts that will be addressed at Camp. We encourage all students able to attend to do so, as the interaction between students, counselors, staff, and teachers will be the most valuable part of the experience. This assignment will be completed in a single, supervised classroom during the students’ time at school. The students should be able to complete the alternative work during their time at school without the need to take the work home

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Sarah Davis sdavis@hse.k12.in.us 
Kristen Distler kdistler@hse.k12.in.us 
Colin Storm cstorm@hse.k12.in.us 

Nurse Notes for Camp T

Medication Information
  • Prescription medication may be given to your student during camp. Please follow the instructions for medication administration:
    • Medication(s) must be in the original prescription bottle with ONLY the amount needed during the student’s time at camp. Do not provide extra doses. Most pharmacies will provide an extra bottle with the prescription label upon request.
    • Medications can be dropped off to the school during a designated time only, which is (NEW DATE) Wednesday, September 28th 4:00 – 7:00pm, Fall Creek Junior High, Door 1. This allows the nurses optimal time to organize and gather all supplies needed for camp. Medications will NOT be accepted before scheduled drop off times.
    • Some non-prescription meds are allowed, but only for seasonal allergies (ex. Claritin, Zyrtec) or for lactose intolerance (ex. Lactaid). Melatonin or herbals are not allowed.
  • Parents attending camp with their student do not need to bring meds to nurse and may give your child their necessary medications while at camp.
  • Medications will be dispensed at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime ONLY.  MEDICATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE KEPT WITH STUDENTS.
  • Students may carry their own inhalers and Epi pens provided their name is on the medication and have a doctor’s note to carry
  • If your student has an Epi Pen or inhaler in the clinic at school, the nurse will bring them to camp. If they come home with your student, please be sure to return it to the clinic after camp.
  • If your child is sick (i.e., pneumonia, asthma flare ups, etc.), please do not send your child to camp.
  • If your child has sustained concussion, please do not send your child to camp unless cleared by doctor.
  • While your child is at camp, please answer any calls from the 765-area code.  It may be the nurse calling about your child!   Also, please take your phone off blocking mode at night.  The nurse may call to request that you need to come pick up your student.
Other Information
  • Parents of Diabetic students – please make every effort to attend camp for your child’s overall care.  Due to the high activity of the daily schedule and family style meals, students tend to run low and parental dosing/treatment is preferred if adjustments need to be made. Be sure your student always has supplies with them (fast-acting carbs and glucagon) for low blood glucose. You may also consider contacting your doctor for any changes to accommodate for higher than normal activity levels.
  • Please remember to pack a lunch in a disposable container for your child for day one.  Any lunch meds may be packed with your student’s lunch.  The nurse will not be passing meds on Monday lunch or Wednesday lunch.
  • The Camp T daily schedule is rigorous, and activity packed from sunup to sundown.  If your student has a limitation (crutches, arm sling, etc.) you may want to consider the difficulties your student might experience and opt out of attending camp.
  • Cabin parents – DO NOT bring snacks/treats for your kids at night.  You may have students in your cabin with allergies/sensitivities.  In addition, Camp T staff do not want to attract unwanted critters to the cabins!  You MAY bring bottled water with the flavored packs to give you kiddo’s a treat.  (Please – no ‘red’ colored packets due to allergies)
  • Parents or students with allergies or dietary restrictions should visit Camp T’s website to fill out the online form. This form can also be used to get information about carb counts for meals for diabetics by filling in contact information and using the "any other information section". 
  • If your child has any symptoms of Covid, please do not send them to camp unless we have proof of a negative test or a doctor’s note. If your child shows any symptoms of Covid, we will contact you to pick them up from camp
  • Symptoms of Covid to watch for: fever/chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose or nausea/vomiting or diarrhea
Questions? Contact Hillary Hughes (hhughes@hse.k12.in.us)

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